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Video Tour: HP Z600 Workstation

Erik Andersen : For those that understand workstation design, HP did a great job with the Z Series. Those that claim tool less is for newbs or compare it to DIY cases simply don't get who these machines are marketed to, it ain't the DIY market. ;)
Pepito DeChile : Hace poco adquirí este equipó con 16 Gb de Ram, y le puse un HD WensterDigital Raptor de 160 Gb, y quedó rapidísimo, buen equipo,lo único malo es lo complicado de la BIOS para conectarle mas discos duros.
[MLG]Plank! : I had this PC and its fantastic!
I have 12 gb ram, i7 , and gtx 760 videocard. Oh and I have a 24inch monitor.
So my PC is beautiful
Ammar Alnaklani : Thank you For this great review, I want to ask your question, do all processors work together?

Is this device better than a device with a i5 6th processor?

I want to buy a device HP Z600 Intel Core Xeon X5650 2.6GHZ Is this a better option than i5 6th?
Dan Tong : Thanks for the detailed review. The specs call for ECC RAM, which is quite expensive, but will it work with standard RAM also (the Z400 does)?
Can you mix the two?

Using an HP Z600 as a Server

Just a video where I ramble about the evolution of my home file server and past videos.

Requests and inquiries: https://www.youtube.com/user/modingroom/about
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mister_s8
Sam Campbell or "The Modding Room" makes no representation about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or legality of the activities, techniques or modifications shown in this video or the results to be obtained therefrom. If you choose to engage in any activities described in this video, you could potentially void any warranty you may have on the equipment or software you use. Your actions could also be in violation of certain provisions of the agreements you have with the manufacturer(s) of the equipment or software you use. You are solely responsible for adhering to any intellectual property laws and usage restrictions applicable to such products and any other products you may use.

Under no circumstances will Sam Campbell or "The Modding Room" be responsible for any loss or damage, including personal injury or death, that may result from your engagement in the activities demonstrated in this video. You also assume all risk and liability that may result from your engagement in such activities
The Ninja : 12:34 YES!! I can't wait to see that updated build!
SubBoss : How much power does this PC consume?
Conrad Montes : Could I use my r9 280 in my hp z600 with the needed adapters like sata to 6 pin? I just want to know if there would be any support issues with the card and the workstation
onextoronto : Hi. Can I install two 500 GB SATA drives on to it and install WIn Server 2016 on it? I'll have another two drives for Data. I'm planning to make RAID 1 redundancy. Thanks
Fandy Uliarta : My hp z600 is suddenly turnoff and can't turn on again but several minutes it can on then suddenly off again. What it causes?

how to Repair power supply z600 or fix HP Z600 Workstation

how to Repair power hp z600 or fix HP Z600 Workstation
HP Z600 Workstation
suletom : My Z600 PSU died too. Do you have any idea how to fix? On my psu the second measurement seen on the video(at 0:52 - capacitor) does not conduct. Thanks, Tom
Thiago R Lucena - Marabá : Salve amigo estou falando aqui do Brasil, a minha fonte ela não tem sinal e nem ascendo o led de teste como no final do teu video aparece. essa do video estava com esse mesmo defeito?
Brian Collison : What are the wires you are soldering in for? What is the component that fails that you change. My PSU is dead. Apply power with PSU out of machine and still dead. HP say fans should run and green LED. Mine is dead even out of crate.
tony smith : Dear ,my power supply on after 3scd off , what problem
perkuma11 : I didn’t understand what you did because you don’t comment on what you’re doing, what did found wrong ? And what did you do to fix it ?




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