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High Standard 10B: Disassembly and Attempted Shooting

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The High Standard Model 10A and 10B were a pair of bullpup police shotguns produced for about 10 years in the late 1960s and 1970s. They were built around a regular High Standard semiautomatic shotgun action, which was put into a plastic chassis to give it a bullpup configuration. They were chambered for 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inch shells, and required high-brass or other full-powered ammunition to run properly.

The idea of the bullpup layout really did have merit for the purposes High Standard intended, although the guns were not executed as well as they could have been. In theory, the short overall length made the guns very handy for using in and around patrol cars, and the ability to effectively hold and fire the gun with only one hand would allow an officer to use his other hand for things like opening doors, moving obstacles, handling objects, etc. The integrated flashlight (molded into the chassis on the 10A and detachable on the 10B) differs from today's tactical weapons only in that traditional Mag-Lite type lights (specifically, the Kel-Lite) were used instead of today's smaller and more powerful options.

The carry handle, folding front sight, flashlight mount, rotating buttplate, and very non-traditional appearance made for quite the eye-catching gun when these weapons hit the market. Many police departments purchased them with the idea of modernizing, only to find them less practical in reality than in marketing, and they went out of production by the late 1970s.

HS10 - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

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In this episode we're covering the HS10.

It's a semi-automatic weapon, unlocked once you've purchased all of the other shotguns.

The HS10, or High Standard Model 10, is a US weapon, manufactured by the High Standard Manufacturing Company.

It was designed in the mid 1950s, sold to High Standard in the mid 1960s - and the first units were produced in 1967.

An unusual design, the HS10 has a bullpup configuration, with the trigger some distance ahead of the action.

This means the weapon is of shorter overall length than a conventional shotgun - a useful trait when it comes to close-quarter interior use.

Other bullpup shotguns include the South African NeoStead 2000, and the more recent Kel-Tec KSG.

The HS10's short, balanced design meant that it was suitable for firing one-handed: ideal for situations where you need a manoeuvrable weapon.

The weapon was designed by police sergeant Alferd Crouch for law enforcement, SWAT, and other tactical units.

The weapon's favourable handling, paired with the versatility and power of a 12 gauge shotgun, made for an ideal entry weapon: and upon the weapon's introduction it was adopted by some police agencies.

However, it was found to have reliability issues - the semi-automatic action failing to cycle reliably, amongst a few other ergonomic faults.

In 1970 there was an updated model manufactured - the High Standard Model 10B - but many of the original issues remained.

The HS10 fires 12 gauge cartridges, 2 and 3-quarter inches in length.

It feeds from a 4-round capacity tube magazine underneath the barrel, and this capacity is reflected in Black Ops.

The HS10 is a low damage shotgun, dealing as much damage per shot as the SPAS-12.

Like the SPAS, the HS10 makes up for this lower than average damage with a higher rate of fire - up to 341 rounds per minute, meaning you can empty the magazine very quickly.

This makes the weapon more forgiving of poor aim - should your first shot fail to kill, you have an additional three at the ready.

Recoil is seldom a factor with the shotguns, as the shot dispersion lessens the need for precision.

Shot spread is moderate, and the HS10 is one of the shotguns that benefits from aiming down the sight, a tighter spread yielding more consistent kills.

When using the single HS10, then - I'd recommend aiming.

Aim time is standard for the shotgun class, at a sprightly 200 milliseconds.

Reloads are performed per-shell, with the first round taking 1.65 seconds, and every subsequent one 0.65 seconds.

Shotguns tend not to have a spectacular selection of attachment choices available, and as such there's only one choice for the HS10.

Dual Wield is unique to the shotgun category, granting you two HS10s for double the close-range firepower.

This attachment is true-to-life, as the shotgun can be fired one-handed: although it is generally not advised to fire from the left shoulder, as the spent hulls are ejected with quite some force.

Nevertheless, in-game this isn't a problem, and the twin shotguns will prove much more deadly up close than the single HS10.

Of course, you must get close to put the pair of HS10s to work - and our class will be built around the potential close-range torrent of buckshot that these weapons can fire.

Such close-range punch works well with shock tactics - getting as close to the enemy as quickly as possible, and tackling entire groups with overwhelming firepower.

This is a great way to tackle enemy hardpoints, eroding entrenched defenders and opening up avenues through which your team can move safely.

The HS10 is a weapon with unparalleled close-range performance: with two shotguns capable of dispensing rapid-fire buckshot, there's not much that can withstand such a powerful force.

Unlike some shotguns, you're not reliant on a one-shot kill, either - so you can be a little looser in your aim, and adjust suitably for any needed follow-up shots.

With up to 8 shells on tap, if you're able to get close to a group of enemies you can cut them down mercilessly.

This weapon is only effective at a short range, however - if you're tackling an enemy outside of the weapon's comfort zone you're gonna have a bad time.

At long range, you'll be left helpless - meaning that effective use of this weapon is utterly dependent on your mobility and positioning.

The HS10's magazine is a little less generous than the SPAS-12's, too - 4 rounds is normally enough, but there will be occasions when you're left empty thanks to either bad luck or this weapon's sometimes inconsistent performance.

Still, assuming you put this weapon to task as close to the enemy as you dare, you'll usually find you have the superior weapon - with even the high damage automatic rifles too slow to adequately resist.

When it comes to fast-paced, close-quarter gunfights - when compared to the HS10, few weapons will perform...

...to such a High Standard.

High Standard 10B bullpup 12ga semiauto shotgun.

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We take the High Standard Model 10 out for some shooting fun. The High Standard Model 10A and 10B were bullpup shotguns designed in the 1950's. The High Standard 10B is the final evolution of this bullpup 12ga shotgun.

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