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Precision T5500 Gaming Computer (GTX 1080 and NVME.2 Install)

In this video we'll upgrade a Precision T5500 Workstation to Optimize it for gaming.

Check out the Precision T5500 Gaming Computer Blog Page:


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Jeff M : A little clarification to your statement on what the fastest processor is for the T5500 (I'm running an X5690 just fine on my T3500):
"The fastest processors in Westmere-EP family should be X5687 (3.6 GHz) for quad core and X5690 (3.46/6.4GHz) for six core."
Remo Designs : good work, please make more videos on other workstations, t5600. t5700 etc, which are best for gaming and editing.
Stormson Weathers : I know the video is old, but I wanted to say thank you for an informative video. I currently have a T5500 x2 x5675 Xeons, 72gb of RAM and an EVGA RTX 2060 installed. Instead of using a SATA III card in place of the onboard SATA II I'm using a Dell H310 RAID controller as this will not only allow me to boot from the controller, but allowed me to use any SATA III and SAS SSD/HDD drive combinations and hardware RAID support. For my needs the controller is a must have over a standard SATA III controller.
Ron : I have a question. I currently have GTX 1070 installed in my dell precision t5500. Can I put another graphics card in for better performance?
codybroken : You guys are awesome!

Dell Precision T5500 Teardown

Teardown a Dell Precision T5500 Disassembly How to.
AquanautSt1 : Much appreciated man ! Righgt on time !
robkermit : Is it possible to remove either the top cover (the panel with the service tag sticker and side cover removal latch) or bottom cover (the panel with rubber feet)? I would like to set the system up in a radio cabinet in desktop form, but it is ~half an inch too wide to fit. I believe it would fit if one of the panels were not present.
Caterlyz : are fan controllers compatible with the t5500, if so which ones?
Micheal Gray : Is there a way to fit a 120mm fan where the optical drive is? Going for max airflow
universe : Hey man i just have a question im still a little confused on how to remove the gpu

Upgrading the Dell Precision T5500 CPUs (with a big oof)

In this video I upgrade the dual Xeon processors in my Dell Precision T5500 from Xeon E5620 processors to Xeon X5650 processors, bringing the total core count from 8 cores 16 threads to 12 cores 24 threads. Though it wasn't without its minor casualty, which I was luckily able to fix within this video, so it wasn't all doom and gloom in the end, thankfully.
tomtomcomputing : It would be a monster rig back in it's time with those dual Xeons in it
Rafael Andres : Obviously that could cause my energy bills to go up, but luckily I could still plan on upgrading my OptiPlex 790 minitower with a GPU while retaining the i5-2400 and the 265W power supply.
Scott Getz : just ordered the parts to do this. Thanks for sharing!
deweywsu : Great video! Thanks for showing how to do this. Do you know if I could do the same thing with its little brother, the T5400? (It had a single E5410 processor stock, with I believe the same LGA processor footprint). Would I probably see a noticeable increase in speed with dual X5660s in it? Its RAM speed is only 667 MHz, so I wonder if that would become a bottleneck of sorts.
Mhyar M : Thanks for sharing this, I have the same machine. any idea how to enable XMP of ram? I couldn't figure it out from the BIOS.




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