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Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic Review / Test

Today I review my favorite $100 mic that I have ever used. This thing sounds great on guitar and voice, and also offers excellent background noise rejection. I like this thing so much that I own 4 of them, and think every studio should own at least 1.

Buy the Shure SM58

Buy the Cloudlifter CL-1

Buy the Focusrite 2i2 (3rd Gen) (Affiliate Link)

00:00 - Intro / Price
00:22 - Setup / Disclaimers
00:35 - What’s in the Box
00:50 - Build Quality
01:11 - Specifications
01:25 - Handling Noise
01:34 - Polar Pattern Test
01:42 - Background Noise Test
01:52 - Distance Test
01:57 - XLR to USB Test
02:16 - Mic Activator Test
02:47 - Music Test
03:07 - Pros \u0026 Cons / Recommendation

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Björn Fischer : Mine is 20+ years old and still working.
Saj Domino : these videos are clean, to the point, and contain everything i need to know without wasting time. really a great channel. subscribed.
The Mumbler : I actually know a professional musician who uses this as his main vocal microphone. I was visiting his in home studio to help him build a new PC and install better sound dampening material and we eventually got to talking about this microphone and how much he loved it and I can agree with you from first hand experience that this is a great microphone.
Cool Mark D : I'd like to say that the SM58 fits my voice the best out of all of the more affordable options I've tried. I have a deep voice that can sound muddy on other mics and I find that the way that the SM58 controls the proximity effect helps greatly in the clarity of my recorded speech.

I've also dropped mine. 0dmg.
Tedium : I worked in a theater for a few years, and the SM58 and the SM57 were the mics we used 99% of the time. It is a great mic, that sounds good in almost ever situation. The only time we switched to the SM57 was for instrument mics, for either acoustic guitar, drums, or if an on stage amp needed to added to the main mix(mostly so it could be fed into the stage monitors).

Shure 마이크 SM58


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볼륨 스튜디오 VOLUME STUDIO : 정말 스테디셀러라는 말이 어울리는 제품이자 마이크의 스탠다드입니다!
볼륨 스튜디오 VOLUME STUDIO : 병호쌤이 이제와서 ds-1 리뷰하는 것과 같은 상황 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
ENTP 싱어송라이터 에녹ENOCH : 우측에서 드립시전 하시는 분 ㅋㅋㅋ은근히 웃었습니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
james Park : 오인페는 뭐로 녹음 됐나요?
228V 1. : 진짜 기초부터 다 리뷰하시네ㅋㅋ

가장 많이 사용되는 다이나믹 마이크 PGA58, SM58, BETA58의 음질비교 해보겠습니다!

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낙원악기상가 3층 314호
Sung Yun : SM58 (0:20), Beta 58A (1:39), PGA58 (2:40). For spoken word/podcast, I would use SM58 over Beta 58A. This is the best comparison of sounds of SM58 and Beta 58A. 감사합니다.
박천종 : beta58a 제품과 르윗MTP550 모델 중에 고민중인데.. 어떤 차이가 있을까요?
잠수인 : 고맙습니다...궁금했던점이 풀렸습니다
JWL LEE : 안녕하세요! 작업실을 사용하는데 작업실 방음이 썩 좋지않아서 시끄러울땐 다이나믹마이크로 보컬레코딩을 하려고하는데, 소음이 있는 환경에서는 수음각이 좁은 베타58이 더 나을까요?
제이 : 집에서 노래방 마이크로 쓰려면 스피커랑 연결하는 케이블만 있으면 되나요!?




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